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Clearview Recovery Center
#3 Clearview Circle
Moselle, MS 39459

Toll-Free: 800-845-8918
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Addiction Recovery Facilities in a Natural Setting in Moselle

Clearview Recovery Center isn’t in the middle of nowhere – it just seems that way.
Nestled among hundreds of acres of serene pine forest far from busy city traffic, Clearview offers clients a quiet place in nature’s backyard where the recovery process can work undisturbed.
At the same time, Clearview has easy access to both highway and air travel. Clearview is located just a few hundred yards from Mississippi Exit 76 on Interstate 59. The I-59 connection puts travelers less than 20 minutes from two medium-sized cities, Hattiesburg and Laurel, and two hours or less from larger metropolitan centers in New Orleans, Jackson and Mobile.
Pine Belt Regional Airport lies just a few hundred yards north of Clearview on the access road from Interstate 59. Pine Belt connects travelers with all major cities through Delta. Clients flying into Pine Belt from other parts of the country are less than a minute’s drive to Clearview’s front door.

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A Place to Call Home

Clearview’s facilities were designed from input given by Clearview’s staff and former clients. The end result is a residential program that actually feels like a residence.
There are five main buildings on the Clearview campus:
  • An administrative staff office that is separate from the client and clinical staff quarters
  • A cafeteria that serves three meals per day with a full salad bar. The cafeteria can also serve as a meeting space when needed.
  • Two semiprivate residential halls, one for men and the other for women, with 28 beds each. The residential halls include: pay phones on each wing, bathrooms and showers, kitchenette, vending machines, minifridge and freezer, day room, group meeting rooms and front/back porches. The clinical staff’s office space is located in the residential halls, which also contains space for group meetings.
  • Gym with amenities that include half-size basketball court, exercise equipment (treadmill, exercise bikes and universal weight machine), ping pong table and a kitchenette.
All facilities are handicapped-accessible.

A Room With a View

Clearview sits in the midst of a large evergreen forest region that stretches from Texas to Florida. Even with tremendous economic growth and development over the years, the area has successfully maintained its natural setting and beauty.
Why is this important to Clearview clients? It’s because the surrounding landscape serves as an insulator from the daily stressors that feed addiction. The quiet, the beauty and the interaction with both flora and fauna all contribute to a reconnection – with what is real, what is important and what is of value.

Virtual Clearview

Virtual Clearview allows members to attend aftercare connected to their primary substance abuse treatment program. There is a sense of ease at being able to communicate with counselors and group members one may be familiar with. Our counselors are Masters Level therapists who are knowledgeable about addiction and recovery. Our members find that virtual therapy is effective in providing stability, confidentiality, and a positive support system. 
Click here for more information about Virtual Clearview. 

Clearview is the best facility that I have ever been to. Staff is amazing. Life changing experience. Great program!
– Past Client

I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff for helping me help myself.
– Past Client

Best treatment facility I ever attended.
– Past Client

Coming to Clearview was an amazing experience for me.
– Past Client