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Alcoholism Is a Serious Concern for College Students

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Clichés state that college students love drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, statistics bear out the reality of this stereotype. And even worse, thousands of college students never get their drinking habits under control and suffer real consequences after graduation. 

If you are in college or recently graduated, learn more about college alcohol addiction.

Reasons College Drinking Is Serious 

While drinking alcohol is a typical college activity for millions of students, the effects drinking has on the student body are often devastating. For example, studies have found that nearly 1,900 college students die every year due to alcohol-related problems. Even worse, approximately 700,000 students are assaulted physically and nearly 100,000 sexually assaulted every year due to alcohol. 

And even students not physically endangered by alcohol abuse may see their academic success suffer. For example, statistics show that about 25 percent of all college students experience real academic problems due to drinking. So those students who don't cull their drinking habits after graduation will experience severe personal issues as adults. 

Symptoms That Behavioral Drinking Is Becoming a Problem 

While many college seniors transition to safe or more controlled levels of drinking after graduation, some will struggle to slow down. For example, some heavy drinkers may still drink daily and party heavily on the weekends. These abusive actions occur due to behavioral patterns that many addicted individuals find hard to break. 

For example, the pattern of drinking heavily on the weekends creates response and reward activities in the body and mind that can be hard to break. If a person has come to expect alcohol at certain points in their lives, their body and mind will trigger powerful cravings. Unfortunately, these behavioral patterns can create a variety of symptoms that showcase the power alcohol has over their lives. 

For example, an addicted individual may excuse drinking during the weekdays as a way of cutting loose after work. Unfortunately, the more challenging environment of the post-college workplace may create anxiety in college graduates that only their college-age drinking seems to manage.

However, these individuals are merely feeding into negative patterns of behavior that fuel addiction. Sadly, these patterns of behavior may become so severe that a college graduate experiences severe and debilitating physical alcohol addiction.

Signs Physical Alcohol Addiction Is a Reality 

Dependency on alcohol is often both a mental and physical problem that plagues individuals long after college is over. For example, psychological addiction is a severe problem and one that requires a multitude of treatment methods to overcome. Unfortunately, psychological dependence often pairs with behavioral issues to create a consistent cycle of abuse. 

However, physical dependence is very painful and can put the life of a person addicted to alcohol at risk. For example, a person who is physically addicted to alcohol must drink or feel symptoms nausea, confusion, cramps, and even delirium tremens. Other symptoms of physical addiction include an increased desire to drink and an inability to quit, no matter the circumstances of continued drinking.

Unfortunately, individuals with a strong physical addiction to alcohol may find themselves drinking even after their personal lives have taken severe blows. For example, people physically addicted to alcohol will continue to drink even after losing jobs, friends, romantic partners, or when suffering from severe physical health problems.

In this situation, once promising individuals may find that failure is threatening them on all sides due to alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, these individuals may even find themselves committing illegal activities, such as drinking while drunk and falling a victim to real legal consequences. 

Therefore, individuals who can't seem to get a handle on their drinking after finishing college should seriously consider getting professional help. Please contact or visit Clearview Recovery Center today to learn more about alcohol addiction and the treatment methods available for those experiencing this debilitating problem. 

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