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7 Signs That You Need Help With Drug Addiction

drug addiction
Drug addiction often begins with experimentation, and you might have started using drugs for the first time out of curiosity or to see if it would help you escape from stress. Unfortunately, most drugs are physically and psychologically addictive, and people who use them often find that they are unable to stop on their own.
Although the signs of drug addiction can vary according to the type of substance that you use, there are some that are common among all types of substance abuse. Read through this list of common signs of drug addiction to determine if you need professional help to begin your recovery.
1. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms
When you use drugs or alcohol, your body can develop a physical dependency that results in withdrawal symptoms that happen when you go too long without using a specific drug. While certain drugs, such as opiates, can cause severe and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, others may be subtler.
Watch for these common withdrawal symptoms that may occur after you stop using drugs for any amount of time:
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Shakiness
  • Sweating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Difficulty sleeping
When your withdrawal symptoms make it hard to quit on your own, treatment programs provide the support you need to feel more comfortable as you end your addiction.
2. Your Loved Ones Express Concern
As an addiction takes hold, you may find it harder to hide the effects from your family and friends. Whether your loved ones held an intervention or keep bringing up the topic of drugs, you should take their concerns into consideration since they likely only want the best for you.
3. You Got in Trouble With the Law
The majority of drugs are illegal, and you may have had to break laws to procure illegal substances. Drug addictions often lead people to risk their safety and reputation to fulfill their cravings. Professional treatment for your addiction helps you to prevent future criminal charges, and you may be required to participate in a program as part of your sentencing.
4. Your Job Performance is Deteriorating
While you may have started using drugs recreationally at night or on the weekend, your addiction may have caused you to begin using them during the workday. Chronic lateness, absenteeism, and a loss of productivity are all problems that people who are addicted experience at work,
5. You Need More to Get High
Over time, your body develops a physical tolerance to drugs, and you may now need more than you did before to achieve the same effects. Not only does this cost more, but using increasing amounts of drugs places you at a higher risk for an overdose.
6. Your Social Life Revolves Around Drugs
When the majority of your friends or family members use drugs, substance abuse becomes normalized. You will also find it harder to stop using drugs when they are ingrained in your lifestyle. Residential treatment programs give you a place to separate from your social group while you learn strategies that help you resist peer pressure.
7. You Tried to Stop on Your Own
After a period of using drugs regularly, you may have tried to stop in an effort to improve your health or relationships. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to resist cravings and urges to use drugs, and a return back to your former habits indicates that you can benefit from long-term treatment that helps your mind and body adjust to a drug-free lifestyle.
At Clearview Recovery Center, we offer personalized residential treatment programs that are tailored to fit your needs. Contact us today for an assessment to determine if your recreational drug use has turned into an addiction that needs treatment.

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